Commercial backup power that suits your needs and your budget.


Professional installation, warranty, and ongoing repair service.


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Installation and Servicing





  • Backup electrical power for thousands of homeowners.
  • Options as to what items the backup generator powers.
  • We offer the best residential power systems on the market. Providing a backup power generator system for your home 24 hours a day, every day.

Authorized Dealer

Beacon Generators is an authorized dealer of both Generac and Cummins and can help you select the commercial power system that meets your backup power needs, as well as your budget. Our team can also provide professional installation and ongoing maintenance.


Variety of Fuels Available

Natural gas, liquid propane (LP), and diesel generators are available.


Transfer Switches

The transfer switch is really the core of your generator system. It is an intelligent power-switching device that allows you to safely connect a generator to your home’s electrical circuits and is permanently installed near your main circuit breaker panel, constantly monitors incoming utility power and determines when a true power outage is occurring, switching from utility power to emergency generator power.


Customized for You!

Your Beacon Generators team offers many options and works with you to customize the exact system you need.

Commercial Generators

Beacon Generators Inc. of Granbury, Texas can help you select the commercial backup power system that meets your backup power needs as well as your budget. Our team can also provide professional installation, warranty service, and ongoing maintenance and repair services. We are an authorized dealer and service provider for Generac commercial generators.

Commercial Installation and Servicing Why have your product installed by us?

Commercial Installation and Servicing Why have your product installed by us?

We are authorized dealers of both Generac and Cummins.
Both Generac and Cummins recommend their automatic standby power systems be installed by an authorized dealer of their products. When you work with Beacon Generators, you can rest assured that all local, state, and national electrical codes will be followed, as will national plumbing codes in making all fuel connections. The result will be a safe, reliable installation you can count on when the power goes out.

Generator Repair, Warranty, and Preventative Maintenance

Beacon Generators is committed to providing customers with unsurpassed product support on backup power generator systems. Contact us with any generator maintenance, repair, or warranty questions you may have. We are factory trained and certified to work on Generac products.

Commercial Electrical Electrical

The Beacon Generators team has 30+ years of experience in residential and commercial electrical work.

While the majority of our electrical work begins with the installation of a backup generator for a client, once they see the work we do, they often ask us if we do more. Our answer is, “Yes, we do.”

We do everything from start-to-finish, new construction electrical, to adding/changing existing electrical jobs.

Commercial Electrical Services

  • New construction electrical, start to finish
  • Wiring design services
  • Install conduit
  • Pulling wire — from source to panel and from panel to facility
  • Control panel installation
  • Electrical panel upgrade
  • Install additional circuits/breakers in an electrical panel
  • Install or upgrade to phase 3 power
  • System engineering
  • Generator sales and installation
  • Install designated generator-connected electrical outlets
  • Installation of push-button switches and wiring for specialized machines and motors
  • Install electrical plugs
  • Interior lighting installation
  • Install emergency lighting
  • Exterior lighting installation
  • Installation of security lighting
  • Landscape lighting (120 or 12-volt available, depending on need)

Serving Your Generator Needs

Based in Granbury, Texas, Beacon Generators, Inc. serves the generator industry with sales of new parts and equipment, installation of new systems, and service of existing systems, including factory-authorized warranty service. We sell, install, and service residential generators and commercial generators.

Coverage Area


We are willing to go outside of coverage area, Please call for pricing.


Simply... We Do It Better!

Our factory-trained service technicians and licensed electricians are craftsmen that take pride in their work. We enjoy code inspections because we know that we do a better job than inspectors are accustomed to seeing. As an experienced and stable provider in the generator industry, you can count on Beacon Generators, Inc. to do quality work today and to be here the next time you need us.